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Install End Stop Switch for Laser Machine

2019-12-26 10:52:30

Limit switch can help repeat positioning。

It can also protect the engraving machine when carving too large working objects.

You can install two or four limit switches.

When installing two, install two limit switches in the minimum direction of the XY axis.

When installing four, two on the same axis need to be paralleled. One is installed in the minimum direction and the other is installed in the maximum direction.

There are many kinds of limit switches. They have two feet and three feet. The foot marked with NC is not connected.

When you press the switch, the connecting feet should be connected.

If your limit switch came with 3PIN named “GND SIGNAL VCC”, just connect the GND and SIGNAL.

Need to enable the limit switch on the software.

If you are using BachinDraw as the Engrave Software.

Or using Engraver Master