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How to solve the Motor Problems

2019-12-24 15:34:39

This article helps you identify and solve motor problems. It applies to all of our 2Axis and 3Axis CNC/Laser controller board, and all engraver products using these boards.

NOTICE:Please turn off the power supply of the machine before you change any parts.

Problem I: All motors is no running

Check the power state of the board. Maybe is just not power on. Some boards have came with a power switch. If the board is connected with a laser, check the fan of the laser is running or not.

Problem II: One of the motors is no running, the others is ok

This problem may be caused by the stepper motor or the stepper motor driver or just the motor cable.

Please check the cable connection first.

We have test the motor and the board including the stepper motor driver in factory, but the motor driver is still can be damaged by static electricity during installation. Normally, the motor will not be damaged.

Stepper motor drivers are the two or three little PCB on the main board and always near to the stepper motor sockets.

Each axis has a motor, a cable, a driver. We switch the motor, cable, or driver to find out the problem.

For example. If the Y Axis motor is not running, but the X Axis motor is ok. We can plug the Y motor cable into the X motor socket.

Run the program again, if the Y motor is running this time. We infer that the Y-axis stepper motor driver is broken.

To be more sure, we plug the X motor cable into the Y motor socket, test again. If the X motor is not running, we are right.

If the Y motor is still not running after you plug the Y motor cable into the X motor socket. There maybe a problem with the Y motor cable, or the Y stepper motor.Check it, you can switch the X Y cables, because we know the X motor cable is ok.

Finally, after you find out which part is broken, you can contact the seller. If you buy the machine from Amazon. You should contact the seller on Amazon.If the driver is broken and you are going to buy one for a fastest solution, please search “A4988 Stepper Motor Driver”.

Problem III: One of the motors just buzzes or jitter, no movement

Check if the machine has something, such as a wheel is stuck. You can power off the machine, and turn the motor by hand, check if the motor is hard to turn.

Check as Problem II above.

Problem IV: Motors go in wrong direction

This will mirror or flip the carved pattern.

For example, If I was going to engrave a text “BACHIN”, I got the follow result.

The tips on the right show how I should invert the motor direction.

It's easy to invert the direction on the software.

If you are using Engrave Master.

or the Bachin Draw

Problem IIV: Motor go only in one direction

One of the motor only can go left or right. Please:

1, Switch the position of the motor driver and one other driver. Check if one of the drivers has problems.

2, Update the firmware of the board. See How to Update Firmware on Board.


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