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Carve photos at fastest speed

2019-12-24 15:32:35

We suggest using Bachin Draw to engrave photos. It can engraves photos at very fast speed.

Click here to download Bachin Draw.

A Gray Photo is made up of many small dots. We should try to set the carving time of each small dot as short as possible.

Right click the picture, select Edit.

Select gray style.

Change the spot time. The smaller the value, the faster, please try different values, find the smallest, good engraving effect. Here I set to 4.

Change the engrave speed.

Click Start

The photo in this example, right click, save as …

If you got a BAD engraving. Like this.


1、Make the laser focus small.

 Adjuest the distance from laser head to the object.
 The distance between 30~50mm is best. If too far, you can not get a smallest focus.
 If you can't make the focus smaller.
 Set the Line Height a bigger value.

2、Don't use too much power.

Height power and long spot time, can burn big black holes.